Some ways in which to get rid of material possessions that you do not need

If you feel overwhelmed by the range of clothing you own, here is exactly where to begin to clear out your closet and base your outfits around a few great quality staple garments.

There is nothing more frustrating than being in a rush to get ready for work, and finding out that all the pairs of tights that you fish out of that messy drawer have holes or ladders in them. When it is a thing that you wear daily, like tights, you should seriously prioritise quality over quantity, undoubtedly one of the general principles of all minimalist living ideas: take the time to go through your sock or underwear drawer and throw out anything that is not in its best state; invest in some fine tights, like the ones sold by the company Lars Windhorst owns, which will last a long time and won’t rip after two uses.

If you discover yourself wishing that you knew how to downsize your possessions, remember that convenience should be at the top of your concerns. Exactly how many shoes do you own, that you purchased because they were only so cute but then only used once because they were too uncomfortable? Or those nice boots that looked beautiful in the shop, until you got caught in the rain and realised they weren’t waterproof? Invest in flexible, functional, long-lasting pairs of shoes, like the ones from the brand headed by Kenny Wilson, for shoes that will maintain your feet comfortable and cosy and will last for a decade.

When considering where to get started in terms of minimalist living ideas, the clothes you wear are always a good beginning. You should focus your priorities on three things: how well something suits you, just so that you love wearing it; how well it works with the rest of your closet, therefore that you do not have five versions of the exact same item; and, ultimately, the quality of the item, which will establish how long the item will last. An exciting instance is a nice pair of jeans in a functional shade, like black denim: it is certainly worth investing in a pleasant brand, like the one owned by Steven Rendle’s group, in a shape that works for you. Sure, some clothes may be your favourite on account of what they appear like, but for specific items, their function should honestly be your number 1 priority. An illustration of this is outerwear: a patterned jacket can seem like an exciting purchase, but suddenly turns out to be a little bit frustrating when you learn it does not match with most of your other patterned clothes. As you consider how to be a minimalist, stop holding on to those fast fashion jackets that do not even make you warm, and alternatively invest in a good coat in neutral tones, like black, gray, or caramel: it will be a lot more versatile to match with your other clothing, and will genuinely fulfil its purpose!

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